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We Are The Featured Friday Game on Unixmen

Unixmen wrote a great preview article on Lilly looking Through (Demo). For those who use Linux, check it out.

The Penguin has joined the party! The Linux demo is here!

Download the free Lilly Looking Through Demo for Linux.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun!

We are glowing after a delightful review from Rock, Paper, Shotgun! You can read the full article here at: Looking Glass Half Full: Lilly Looking Through.

Here is a small excerpt:
“That was unexpected. I saw a link over at IndieGamesMagazine and half an hour later I sit here barefooted, the socks charmed off me by the demo version of Lilly Looking Through which is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever pointed at and clicked on…”

Front page post on Indie Game Magazine

We are totally thrilled to be featured in today’s front page post of Indie Game Magazine! We took a picture to commemorate the event. No really, we did. Don’t take our word for it, head over to The Indie Game Magazine now to check it out, or here’s a direct link to the Lilly Looking Through preview, Hints of Wonderland.

The Penguin is coming

We’re getting ready to release the Linux version of the Lilly Looking Through Demo! If you use Linux and would be willing to test the demo for us, please email us via our contact page.

Indie Game Magazine Reviewed our Demo!

Through The Square Window: ‘Lilly Looking Through’ Teaser Trailer and Free Demo Released | The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Game Reviews, Previews, News & Downloads.

Teaser Trailer and Demo Download

20120430-004943.jpg  Download Lilly Looking Through Mac Demo

20120430-004953.jpg   Download Lilly Looking Through Windows Demo

Lilly Looking Through Linux Demo

Lilly Looking Through Demo is almost here!

We are planning on releasing our game demo AND the teaser trailer for Lilly Looking Through on May 1st. So mark you calendars! May Day is coming up quick!